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Keith John Lewismore_vert

Keith John Lewisclose

Keith is a talented copywriter, working from London and Brighton he writes for many large companies as well as national newspapers. Our Brief was to re-build his existing WordPress Site and to supply our Fully Managed Hosting.

Graeme Collardmore_vert

Graeme Collardclose

Graeme is a stand-up comedian and appears at many comedy events around the country. Graeme required a WordPress Site where he could promote himself and list his events. It is important to him he can access and amend his event list on his phone.

Horticultural Societymore_vert

Horticultural Societyclose

The Horticultural Society were in need of a modern site with a catalogue of the products for sale in their garden shop. They are keen to attract younger members so this is reflected in the design. The Society will celebrate 100th year in 2018.